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Technical inspection in the field of:

 Inspections in the field of business

 Inspections of goods prior to shipping

Inspections of goods prior to shipping are aimed at ascertaining compliance of the supply with the beforehand provided parameters.

As the reference data, it is possible to use the  applicable standards, contract, and/or other document.

The usual scope of inspections of the goods prior to shipping:


verification of the documents

The inspection can include as its part also taking representative samples, sealing them, marking them and retaining for a later use.

The output of the inspection is a Record or Certificate which often serves as one of the documents presented to the bank for releasing a Letter of Credit.

As its integral part the Record includes also photo documentation.

 Supervising the loading
  Supervision over the loading shall be made with the goal of verify that:
1. the goods delivered fully comply with the specification
2. containers or means of transport intended for the transportation of the shipment inspected, are clean, functional and in good repair
3. handling he goods during loading and securing them in the means of transport shall correspond to the nature of the given type of goods in such a way that no damage to them may occur
The inspections of this type are performed by us mostly upon instruction of the buyer. Other clients include, among other, insurance companies, forwarding companies or of the suppliers of the goods. The output document is either the Record supplemented with photo-documentation or Certificate which can be used as one of the documents submitted to the bank for releasing the Letter of Credit.
 Receiving and final inspections

Receiving inspection

vconsiderably reduces the risk of endangering the production due to a supply of substandard quality base materials or incoming semi-products.

Final inspection

gives the manufacturer the assurance of supplying the customer with goods with required parameters in the quantity which complies with the declaration.

 Compulsory inspections on importing

PSI (Pre-shipment inspection) are inspections performed on the basis of contracts executed between the Governments of some countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America and independent inspection companies.

PSI shall include several processes where one of which can be also physical inspection of the goods and supervision over the loading into containers.

 Work for insurance companies

One of the products which insurance companies offer to their clients is the insurance of goods against damage which may occur during the transport. For this, they often use the services of independent inspection organizations.

Inspection of loading

The goal of the inspection shall be to verify that the forwarder and the supplier made every efforts in order to avoid an occurrence of loss.

The subject of the inspection shall usually be:

compliance of the goods with the data contained in the documents
storage conditions in which the goods are stored prior to the commencement of the loading
technical condition and the cleanliness of the transportation means, as well as its suitability for the transport of the type of the goods to be transported
the progress of loading
the method of placing the goods in the transportation means
securing the goods against a shift

If so allowed by the specific conditions the transportation means can be sealed after the completion of the inspection.

The protocol shall include as its part also photographs which document the condition of the goods prior to the loading, the progress of the loading and placing and securing the goods in the transportation means.

Assessment of the extent of the damage

In case of an occurrence of loss our experts are prepared to assess and document the extent of the loss without unnecessary reluctance in the territory of the entire Czech Republic and at any place in the world.

In case of a road accident inspectors go to the venue almost immediately in order to be  able to carry out a preliminary examination even before the commencement of the removal of the damaged goods.
  Prior to the ordering of the goods we arrange for you the sending of a sample of the goods including all documents which you will need in the future for the import itself. If needed we will examine the possibility of the import of the goods, the validity of the homologations and certificates.
 Handling claims
  The service of handling claims shall arrange for you the assumption of the paperwork of the claims and handling them with the supplier from the filing of the claim until clearing it out. 
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